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How Psychotherapy Can Help

Often, there are blocks or fears that prevent us from thinking clearly and being our authentic selves. Therapy is a way of exploring this inner world so we might discover a more satisfying way of life. Talking to someone like this can help you to build self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance towards yourself and others. It can help you to identify and change thought and behaviour patterns that keep you from feeling your best. This process can feel unusual at first, even challenging, but it can also feel exciting to be on a journey of discovery and hope.

What happens next

Therapy begins with an initial 60-minute appointment, called an assessment. This is a chance for us to meet one-to-one and discuss your situation

I will ask questions – some of them direct, although there is no obligation to answer. I will take a personal history and ask about your hopes for therapy.

At the same time, I will explain the administrative side of therapy, including fees, appointment times, and the cancellation policy.

At the end of the assessment, if you would like to proceed, we will agree a verbal contract regarding how we will work together to achieve your goals. This agreement can be discussed and updated as we go along. Indeed, you are invited at any point to share how you are finding therapy so we can review what is working best.